Castro de Viladonga Museum



Publications promotion material, and reproductions for sale. In collaboration with the Friends' Association of Castro de Viladonga.


Multiple uses hall, normally used for viewing audio-visual material, for conferences and for temporary exhibitions.


Auxiliary library for a semi-public use specialised in Archaeology, Ancient History and Cultural Heritage, along with Galician related topics. Belongs to the Network of Libraries of Galicia. 

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Photographic reproductions

The extration of images from the museum collections,by photographic or audiovisual means, for educational, research, promotion or publication purposes, is only posible under the formal request to the centre by filling in the request application form for the reproduction of photographs or audiovisual materials available at the centre.

Other services

  • Organization of corporate events
  • Permanen exhibition brochures are available in three languages (Galician, Spanish, and English)