Castro de Viladonga Museum

The museum

The archaeological and museum complex of Viladonga occupies the peak of a mountain from the visitor can behold the spectacular view of the Terra Chá (Flat Land) of Lugo and the mountain chains of Monciro, Pradairo and Meira. It is located in Castro de Rei, Lugo province, 23 km northeast of the city of Lugo.

The archaeological importance and the historical interest of the Castro de Viladonga were showcased after excavations initiated in 1971, due to the monumentality and the diversity of structures discovered and to the quantity and quality of the findings. The site is a remarkable example of settlement, especially between the 2nd and 5th centuries AD, very important for the knowledge, study and understanding of the castro world after the Roman conquer. The archaeological works of excavation and cleaning and consolidation are still taking place in the castro.

The Castro de Viladonga Museum was opened in November 1986. The museum main aim pivots around the interpretation and explanation of the site and the host and exhibition of materials from the successive excavations. It is located in between the two last walls of the southeast side of the castro, very close to the peak.

The museum is owned by the State and managed by the Xunta de Galicia.

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  • Vista da croa do castro de Viladonga

  • Oliña de cerámica

    Oliña de cerámica

  • Vista da croa do Castro de Viladonga

    Vista da croa do Castro de Viladonga

  • Vista do castro e o museo

    Vista do castro e o museo

  • Acceso ao castro

    Acceso ao castro

  • Bocado de freo ou pasarrendas de cabalo. Época romana

    Bocado de freo ou pasarrendas de cabalo. Época romana

  • Vista do castro

    Vista do castro