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As Salas

Exhibition halls

Hall 0 Supplementary information

The hall shows the archaeological works executed in the fort hill since 1971, as well as the museum history. Also in this room, we can find general information about the Castro culture, the Gallaecian and roman period and about the natural and patrimonial context of the Castro of Viladonga. All these, illustrated with maps, sketches, photographs and screens as a supplement for a variety of archaeological material from the regions - such as a votive altar for Lares Viales (Silvia, Pol).

Sala 0

Hall 1

The first hall houses aspects related to the environment where the site is located, informs about a plausible pre-roman level of the fort hill. The exhibition also goes through the disposition and the types of defences, the village organization and the various sorts of buildings and their elements. We can behold gonzo and colmo stones, tiles, etc. All this material is exhibited in all halls in display cabinets and informative screens in order to ease the well understanding of the use of the castro and all related to their constructions. A model of one of the most characteristic group of houses is also shown.

Sala 1

Hall 2

The second hall is allocated for the daily life elements and for the cultural material in the Castro de Viladonga. Consequently, it also presents elements of the castro and Gallaecian and roman culture: stone, bronze and iron tools, domestic materials like glass and, specially, Celtic and Roman pottery - daily life objects, kitchen items and terra sigillata - manual mills, weapons and other variety of objects and items. In this hall we can also find a big model, recreating the whole settlement.

Hall 3

The third hall presents the decorative and ornamental objects, both for people and steeds: jewels and decoration, coins (gold, silver and, specially, bronze), games, amulets and other items. In this last hall, a video-model broadcasts the different scenes of daily life in the Castro of Viladonga.

Sala 3