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As Salas

Exhibition halls

Ground Floor

In the ground flood, the visitor is offered a selection of the basic references to foster the understanding of timing, space and themes of the museum. The highlight is Galician educators, teaching material, and games and toys, as well as the showing of the “Monthly Piece”. 

First Floor

The first floor houses four exhibition sections: the child world (childhood cycle and games and toys); the educative administration; schools from across the seas; the educational system. Furthermore, the temporary exhibitions can be visited in this floor.  

Second Floor

The second floor presents four different spaces: (1) classrooms throughout the time (old ferrado schools, Bourbonic restoration, Spanish Second Republic, Franco period); (2) the special education; (3) the Mupega network (bases and showing of the ancient collections in the funder’s provincials high schools); and (4) the origins of the secondary and professional schools.