Pedagogical Museum of Galicia (Mupega)

The museum

The MUPEGA was created in 2000 by the Xunta de Galicia "with the aim of promoting and developing the recovery, safeguard, study, showing and broadcasting of the pedagogical heritage" of Galicia. The headquarters was opened in 2004, in a building located in one of the big entrances to the capital city of Galicia and in the final stretch of the French Route of Saint James Way.

MUPEGA's goal is to promote, recover and explain the pedagogical heritage of the Autonomous Community of Galicia, by means of testimonies regarding education, paying special attention to the education and teaching of Galician language and culture.

The permanent exhibition is distributed in three floors, adding up to around 1,200 square metres. There also are different museography modules in each floor, where are displayed didactic materials, games and toys or the history of the educational system, among others.


  • Fachada do edifico do Mupega

  • "Anaquiños. Lecturas gallegas". M. Fernández Novoa (1942)

  • Fonógrafo de Edison

  • "Cuadro de pesas y medidas del sistema métrico decimal". Faustino Paluzíe, editor / Salvador Sala, litógrafo (1931 ca.)

  • Lanterna de proxección. L'Ecolier / E. Mazo (2ª metade do século XIX)

  • Telurio con lunario (1ª metade do século XX)