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As Salas

Exhibition halls

1. The conquest of the sea

The itinerary starts in the big hall at the first floor, where the exhibition gravitates around the idea conquest of the sea. All about sailing and disciplines as astronomy, geography and shipyards, trigger for the development and the maritime trade. The display ends with some references to the role of maritime expeditions and plunders.

The hall preserves the original museography, from the 30s and 20th century. As a result, the room itself is a museum piece, housing the precious antique maritime and naval book collection, where incunabulum books (printed during the first years of printing history: 1453 - 1500) are definitely worth mentioning.

2. The exploitation of sea resources

The ground floor witnesses the exploitations of the sea resources. The showing starts with a small section with archaeological materials from the salting factory and the Roman (2nd to 4th centuries) amphorae workshop, belonging to the Roman site of Pescadoira. The exhibition - unique in Spain - focuses in the industrial activity of the Massós: their salting and tinned food factories and their whaling activities. 

3. Traditional vessels

Within this theme, we can visit the great hall of traditional vessels, where three of the most representative ships in the estuary of Pontevedra: dorna (small wooden ship), bote polbeiro (boat for octopus fishing) and the shipwreck of the genuine and last of the lancha xeiteira (old launch with two prows).

4. Ancient salting

Coming up, the opening of the location where eighteen basins from an ancient salting of the 19th century have been recently discovered. The building was acquired by the Massós in 1900 for anchovy storage purposes.