Massó Museum

The museum

The Massó Museum is located in the ancient industrial building of the canned food factory Hermanos Massó, around the port of Bueu at the harbour of Pontevedra, in the heart of the Morrazo peninsula. The idea of creating a museum was suggested by Guillermo Marconi during his visit in the factory in 1928. At the Massós place, he was surprised about the collection of navigation instruments, documents and old books, curious objects and models of historical vessels. Following the pieces of advices, the Massós brothers build a floor on the oldest building of the factory and in 1932 the Museo Massó was born.

The testimonies of canned food and whaling factories and the fishery activity started completing the profile of the museum. In 1994, after the closure of the factory, the museum was purchased by the Xunta de Galicia. Today, at the Massó Museum the maritime and industrial patrimony coexists with the erudite spirit of collectionism of other time.


  • Exterior do museo

  • Sala da primeira planta

  • "Caza da balea", ilustración do Diccionario Histórico de la Pesca Nacional. Antonio Sáñez Reguart (1791-1795)

  • Sala dedicada á caza da balea

  • Nocturlabio. Both Bears (ca. 1640-1660)

  • Sala dedicada á actividade conserveira

  • Esfera armilar. Antonio Monfort (ca. 1800-1850)

  • Carpintería de ribeira