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Anfaco Museum of Canning Industry

Anfaco Museum of Canning Industry

The museum

The Museum of the Canning Industry is a benchmark of Galicia's industrial heritage. Its objectives are the conservation of tangible and intangible heritage related to the history of the canning industry in Galicia, the promotion of research on it and its dissemination.

As a documentation center specialized in fishing and its processing, it has an archive and a library specialized in the sea and its industry. Among its documentary collections, the following stand out: that of the Galician Canning Manufacturers Union and that of the canning company Bernardo Alfageme, S.A.

The collection is organized according to the milestones that have marked the beginnings and development of food preserved by sterilization; its technological, scientific and social milestones around the production processes of a canning factory. Emphasis is placed on labor organization in factories, labor and human relations, and the important role played by women in the sea industry.

Through the collection, the sociological and cultural aspects of the canning industry are illustrated and a tour of the commercial brands and documents that show the activity that is part of the Industrial Heritage of Galicia is given. Historical accounts of business sagas, and communicative aspects of this industry such as advertising (merchandising, catalogues, etc.), packaging design, labels, boxes, can openers, etc. are part of the exhibition.

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Estrada do Colexio Universitario, 16
36310, Vigo

Tlf. 986 469 301


From October to June
Monday to Thursday: 9:00-6:00
Friday: 9:00-3:00
June to September


Guided visits
Free visit: prior appointment at
Guided tour duration: approximately 45 minutes
Accessibility: the museum collection is adapted to the circulation of people with adapted mobility and guided tours are carried out for groups with functional diversity and at risk of social exclusion