Ethnographic Park of Río Arnoia

The museum

The Ethnographic Park of Río Arnoia was the result of an idea to recover and integrate in the life of Allariz the elements from the etnographic patrimony still presents in the area. These include the economic-cultural activities created around the Arnoia River, especially the leather industry and the grain processing.

That is why the park is composed by three elements: Muíño do Burato (Burato Mill), Textile Museum “O Fiadeiro” Leather Museum “Fábrica de Curtidos Familia Nogueiras”.

The Muíño do Burato (in Praza do Matadoiro), has been working since 1992. It is a clear example of the watermills that can be found along the River Arnoia. This is a turbine mill - a later mechanism compared to the traditional wheel - with two paddles embedding one of them into the electrical engine mechanism. Since its remodelling, a miller shows the visitors the traditional way of grain grinding.

The Leather Museum 'Fábrica de Curtidos Familia Nogueiras' occupies part of an emblematic building recently restored, located on the Arnoia River's bank. The zone dedicated to the museum exhibits the tanning pits and the tools used in this trade (knifes for peeling, removing flesh or perfecting, planks, basting table, lens, mallet, pliers, finishing tool, etc.). All these items give information, along with the explanatory boards, about the tanning process, along with the In the upper floor, a craftsman works the leather in his workshop and there is classroom to develop the crafts courses organised by the museum.