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MEGA, Mundo Estrella Galicia (Estrella Galicia World)

MEGA, Mundo Estrella Galicia (Estrella Galicia World)

The museum

MEGA is an experiential and informative exhibition space, which not only addresses content relating to the company and its history, but also brings visitors closer to the world of beer in general, organising events which relate beer with different disciplines. It offers users a personalised experience, allowing them to interact with different elements and obtain information based on their own interests.

The museum was conceived with the aim of encapsulating the old Brewhouse, which was operational between 1972 and 2012.

The exhibition route covers 3 floors, with a total of 8 sectors. The route follows the same order as in the brewing process: Origins, Raw Materials, Brewing, Bottling, Beers & Distribution, Advertising & Sponsorship, Tasting and Shop.

Access from the street is through the reception building, along the overhead walkway to the atrium, where the exhibition route starts. This system of walkways was designed to ensure that visitors did not interfere in the factory’s everyday activity. In some way, this structure has become the iconic image of MEGA, as it is highly unusual, and endows it with a distinctive, personal and distinguishing silhouette.

Generally speaking, it is a simple, one-way route, along which visitors gradually climb from floor to floor, to then descend directly to the ground floor and the exit. All the way around the circuit, visitors are constantly played with: by reducing the spaces, modifying the temperature, the sounds, and even the smells, to ensure that sensory perception varies from one area to another, to then open up the spaces (as in the boiler room) to surprise users with its grandiosity and aesthetics. Waiting at the end of the route is the tasting area. This is a place devoted to enjoying the beer in a setting which blends into the Estrella Galicia brewery’s concept of design. This setting is further enhanced with educational elements relating to tasting and services, as well as to summarising and consolidating the concepts addressed throughout the MEGA experience.

There is a MEGA app available for visitors In addition to a map, which guides them though the different sectors, the app has an audio-guide, with all the information on the route.

Lastly, there is a shop - an essential space for true enthusiasts of the brand.

Rúa Jose María Rivera Corral, 6
15008, A Coruña

Tlf. 981 93 1906


Horario de inverno: 10,30h - 20h. Lunes pechado. Visitas guiadas de martes a domingo.
Horario de verán: 10,30h - 22,30h. Visitas guiadas de luns a domingo.
As visitas realízanse en grupos de 8 persoas.
Teñen unha duración dunha hora e cuarto, aos que habería que engadir o tempo tanto en degustación como en tenda.


Visita guiada con tiraxe e maridaxe (35 €)
Visita guiada con tiraxe e set degustación (25 €)
Visita libre 15 €