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Liste Museum of Vigo

The Liste Museum of Vigo was born through the Liste-Etnographic Museum of Vigo Foundation, which collects the legacy of Olimpio Liste Regueiro in the field of ethnography. The main goal is to offer a globalized vision of Galicia's etnographic patrimony.

The museum offers nine halls for permanent exhibition, distributed in three floors - covering the following aspects: 

Rye culture, which shows by means of a chronological tour the importance of the cereal in Galicia's agriculture. 

Traditional wheel, with all the different types, including the cart as a vital element in the past. 

Trades' symbology, which gathers over fifty trades, represented in a conceptual manner.

The closing, where the lead is the creation of the intimate, of the discreet through the work of our smiths.

The tissues, which addresses aspect of the traditional weaving, especially regarding linen and wool.

Carved wood, shows the unexpected versatility of the wood, which creates utilitarian spaces thanks to carving techniques.

The light, with an overview of means of illumination throughout the time.

Faith’s materiality, which collects the religious profundity of our people - shown through the offerings.

The art of healing, is introduced as a tribute to our "bonesetters” , men and women dedicated to the "healing trade".

The museum pretends to be a space sensitive to observation and dialogue, which displays the journey of our identity through the cultural heritage it hosts. Furthermore, the centre organizes temporary exhibitions and didactic activities and houses a consultation library specialised in Galician anthropology. 


Tuesday to Saturday: from 10 am to 2 pm
Wednesday: from 10 am to 2 pm and from 5 pm to 7 pm


General admission: € 2
Reduced: € 1 (under 12 years old, senior citizens, pensioners, students and group members)
Free: under 6 years old; teaching centers and associations for the elderly of the Vigo City Council; temporary exhibitions and activities that so indicate; Wednesday afternoons