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Historical Museum of Sargadelos

Historical Museum of Sargadelos

The museum

In 1972, the Reais Fábricas de Sargadelos were declared Historic and Artistic Site. The factories were established in 18th century, by Antonio Raimúndez Ibáñez, Marquis of Sargadelos. The Reais Fábricas de Sargadelos are considered the first integrated steel working company in Spain. Weapons and ammunitions for the Spanish Army were actually manufactured in the factory. During 19th century, this activity coexisted with an innovative factory of crockery which introduced in Spain patterns and decorations with strong English connections at that time. The Reais Fábricas production halted in 1875.

The preserved remains for the old complex are the blast furnaces, the reservoir and channel - today turned into the beautiful lover's promenade, the Pazo of the Marquis and the Administrative Building (which houses the museum) The museum, which shows the evolution of the production of the Reais Fábricas de Sargadelos, and the rest of the complex offer a tour through the milestones of Galician industrial history.

As fábricas, Sargadelos
27891 , Cervo

Tlf. 670 267 239


From October to May: from 11 am to 5 pm
From June to September: from 12 to 6 pm