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Cedeira Seas Museum

Cedeira Seas Museum is a cultural museum initiative arising from the collaboration of Cedeira Town Council, Cedeira Fishermen's Association and the Seas of Cedeira Association to showcase the past and present work of our men and women of the sea, encourage learning of their means of work and to disseminate maritime culture among the general public.

On display is an important collection of models of ships that were part of the Cedeira fleet, as well as others that were significant in the different arts. It also conserves three traditional vessels that comprise an important part of Galician fishing heritage.

An old rowing boat, a motorboat launched under the name of Eche de verla for fishing in the 1960s, and a dorna, a traditional Galician vessel recovered by the Cedeira Seas Museum.

The collection has a set of fishing gear, hooks, lines, pots, etc. as well as traditional nets that have long since disappeared: atarraia, rapeta, bou and cuchara

Visitors can see different types of lanterns, buoys and anchors, as well as floats, lead sinkers, etc.

The twelve salting and canning factories that Cedeira used to have are represented here with models and a number of highly significant pieces, and we can also learn about motors and the gear of the shellfish and barnacle gatherers.

The museum's special room houses a number of unique collections, ranging pieces of a ship that was present at the Normandy Landing on 6 June 6 1944, to a complete collection of marine crustaceans from Galicia and around the world.

Also worthy of note is a collection of pieces found in the sea, including fossils and whale vertebrae.

Marine sport is a showcase for the maritime sport that has always a feature of life in Cedeira.

Special mention should be made of the "Manuel Suárez" malacology collection, comprising a rare and beautiful catalogue of bivalve molluscs and gastropods present in Galicia, as well as other maritime and even terrestrial species from Galicia and the rest of the world. Undoubtedly the jewel in the crown of the Cedeira Seas Museum.

Casa do Pescador, Camiño de Area Longa
15350, Cedeira

Tlf. 614 209 504


Winter (October 1 to June 1): 10:30 to 13:30 from Tuesday to Sunday
Summer (June 1 to October 1): 11:00 to 14:00 / 16:00 to 19:00 from Wednesday to Sunday