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Pauline Oliveros. Restrospective

Retrato de Pauline

The CGAC, in collaboration with C3A in Córdoba, proudly presents the first retrospective exhibition of work by the late composer Pauline Oliveros (Houston, 1932-2016).

Pauline Oliveros was a pioneer in electronic music and creator of the practice of deep listening. In the 1960 she helped found the San Francisco Tape Center, becoming its first director after its incorporation into Mills College. Her accomplishments in the fields of improvisation, meditation, performance, and electronic music, along with her research and writings as an academic, publisher, and activist, place her beyond categorization. Her early investigations of sound and listening led to the founding of the Deep Listening Band and Deep Listening Institute, known today as the Center for Deep Listening at Rensselaer, Troy (New York).

Pauline Oliveros collaborated with numerous great musicians, choreographers, and artists of her time, including Steve Reich, John Cage, David Tudor, Merce Cunningham, Elaine Summers, Alison Knowles, Allan Kaprow, Paula Josa-Jones, Deborah Hay, Susan Marshall and Ione.

The retrospective includes a selection of hitherto unpublished documents, photographs, and audiovisual recordings tracing the composer’s entire creative career.