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Prehistoric and Archaeological Museum of Vilalba

Prehistoric and Archaeological Museum of Vilalba

The museum

The Prehistoric and Archaeological Museum of Vilalba opens its doors in the current site in the summer of 2002. The centre is exclusively dedicated to period between the Palaeolithic and the Roman era in the northwest of the Iberian Peninsula. The archaeological material mainly comes from individual deposits and the findings made during archaeological excavations, promoted by the museum and other entities and professionals.

The permanent exhibition shows the best and most complete collection in Galicia of elements from the Palaeolithic and the Mesolithic, including the remains of the oldest human occupation in Galicia and the first artistic object in our land.

From the Polished Stone Age: the visitor will recognize materials from different Neolithic sites and megalithic contexts. From the Bronze Age: the visitor will see metallic and ceramic pieces, along with a petroglyph. From the Iron Age (represented by the castro content): the visitor will behold zoological and botanical remains, which were the food for these ancient civilizations, as well as ceramic pots and other metallic and stone elements. From the Roman Era: the visitor will enjoy the ceramic works (terra sigillata); but also glass, coins, remains of amphorae and ceramic materials for construction.

The exhibition is divided in three theme groups, offering information in three levels. The aim of his is not only showing some archaeological remains, but also let the visitor understand the societies which produced these. Apart from the permanent exhibition, the centre organises travelling temporary exhibitions and other activities: courses, seminars, laboratories, and conferences... both for general and specialised public.

Rúa Dr. Domingo Goas, nº2
27800, Vilalba

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Tuesday to Saturday from 11 am to 13:30 pm and from 5 pm to 7.30 pm.
Mondays, Sundays and holidays closed