Ethnographic and History Museum of San Paio de Narla

The museum

The Fortress of San Paio de Narla was purchased in 1939 by the Provincial Council of Lugo. In 1983 was turned into an etnographic and history museum, moving many etnographic collections from the Museum of Lugo.

The fortress was destroyed during the 15th century Irmandiños disturbances and rebuilt during the following 16th and 17th centuries. The central part is flanked by the Homenaxe Tour (Homenage Tour) and a large turret.

The ground floor includes the courtyard, the stables and the cellar. The floor houses a collection of farming tools, several riding objects and weaving instruments for linen and wool. The first floor includes a kitchen, a function room and other halls with artistic object, furniture and household furnishings. The last floor shows a Renaissance fireplace and gives access to the battlemented and shows the fortress environs.

The 18th century chapel - separated from the main building - has a squared ground plan and a hip roof. Inside the chapel a 19th century altarpiece is displayed.