Museum of Galician People

The museum

The former Convent of Santo Domingo de Bonaval (17th - 18th centuries), houses the Museum of Galician People opened in 1977. This socially based museum has restored all the convent area and increased its funds. This remodelling triggered the expansion of exhibition spaces and the chances of showing Galician culture features.

The Museum of Galician People is an anthropologic centre, although is also includes painting, sculpture and sacred art halls. The most important collections are devoted to traditional culture, hosting precious funds of the marine and farm world. Other halls host habitat, traditional trades, architecture and printing sections, along with spaces dedicated to society. The museum also owns an outstanding collection of traditional costumes and laces, as well a selection of musical instruments. The tour relates the collection and objects to their original use. 

The offer of services is large, like a library aimed at being a referent of Galician culture including authors like Xaquín Lorenzo, Xesús Taboada Chivite, Antón Fraguas Fraguas, Antonio Rodriguez Fraiz, Manuel Beiras García and the Baltar family. Furthermore, the museum houses a documentary and graphic archive with funds proceeding from political, union and social entities, along with company and individual approaches. 

The centre also includes temporary exhibition halls, an auditorium, an AV room and meeting halls.

The Church of Bonaval (13th - 16th centuries) houses the Pantheon of Illustrious Galicians.