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“The Intuitive, Synthetic and Practical Encyclopaedia. Grade Three”

Hardback binding with a cloth spine. On the cover, printed in colour, two children watch the sun go down over the sea, on which we can see a sailing boat. The name of the author and the title also appear on the cover: “ALVAREZ.- Enciclopedia.- INTUTITIVA, SINTETICA Y PRACTICA.- TERCER GRADO” (The Intuitive, Synthetic and Practical Encyclopaedia. Grade Three). On the back cover we can see the logo of the publisher above a circle with the legend “EDICIONES.- MIÑON.- VALLADOLID” and a reference to the price (Precio: 65 Ptas). Inside the book is a combination of text and illustrations, mostly in black and white, although the central pages, unnumbered, are printed in colour, as are three other unnumbered pages inserted between pages 544 and 545.

This encyclopaedia was designed for a memory-based teaching system. To this end, the author, Antonio Álvarez, himself a teacher, used simple texts and readings to back up each lesson as well as drawings that could be copied by the students. This encyclopaedia was very successful and soon became an iconic feature of Franco-era schools.

21.5 x 15 cm, 635 pages 
Paper. Hardback / Printed in offset 
Cultural context:
1965, 96th edition 
Antonio Álvarez Pérez