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“Anaquiños. Readings in Galician”

Hardcover binding with a cloth spine. Printed in black, with the cover and back cover in colour.

This book, published until 1966, is important because it is one of the few examples during Franco’s dictatorship of teaching materials in which the Galician language appeared. Bibl.: Bragado Rodríguez, Manuel (2009), “A edición de recursos educativos en galego. Achega a unha prehistoria. D' A primera luz ás Matemáticas de Vacaloura”, II Xornadas «Os recursos educativos en galego. Primaria», Faculty of Education Sciences, Santiago, 18 December 2009, in; Materiais_curriculares_en_Galicia_18-12-2009.pdf

21 cm., 124 p. 
Paper. Printed 
Cultural context:
Fernández Novoa, M.