“Help the Missions” Charity box

“Help the Missions” Charity box

Bust of a woman with Oriental features.  A female heads sits on top of a rectangular base. Underneath the base there is a circular hole with a cork stopper.  On the front is a handwritten inscription with the text in capital letters, “-AYUDAD A LAS MISIONES-” (Help the Missions).  The figure is wearing a pink kimono with green adornments; her face and neck are white, her lips are painted red, and she has eyebrows and blue eyes. She has straight black hair, which is tied back in a bun with a blue ribbon and two floral adornments on the sides in brown, blue, green and red.  At the top of this bun there is a slot in which to insert coins.

These money boxes were produced for the Domund (acronym for Domingo Mundial de las Misiones or World Mission Sunday, a day which has been celebrated since 1926) and were used to collect funds to support the missionary work of the Catholic Church all over the world.  They were normally given out to children, which is why they were so often found in schools.

19.5x12.5x8 cms. 
Moulded, painted and enamelled ceramic. Cork 
Cultural context:
Circa 1940