Alphabet Chart

Alphabet Chart

Chart made of paper stuck onto a loosely woven cotton sheet. The top of the chart is fastened to a wooden stick with a hoop of string on the back from which it could be hung up. At the bottom the paper feeds into a groove in a wooden cylinder which allows it to be rolled up when not on display. The sides are finished with white cotton ribbon. The letters of the alphabet are printed on the front in black capital letters, including the CH and the LL and not including the W. At the top we can see the title: "ABECEDARIO MAYÚSCULO" (Capital Letter Alphabet).

Ever since the sixteenth century, there are records of charts with the letters of the alphabet being hung on classroom walls, so as to teach children their first letters. The chart made this job easier for the teachers, whose teaching methods were based above all on memorizing. Once the children had mastered the alphabet, they began reading their first readers, the catechism, holy books or other types of reading that might be available to the school. Bibl.: Museo Pedagóxico de Galicia (2013), A pedagoxía intuitiva. As láminas educativas, Santiago: Consellería de Cultura, Educación e O.U., Xunta de Galicia, 14.

60x45 cm. 
Paper and machine printing inks 
Cultural context:
Barcelona, early C. 20  
Imprenta Elzeviriana and Librería Camí.