Map cupboard

Map cupboard

Rectangular cupboard with a single leaf that opens from left to right and covers the whole width of the cupboard; on the outside it has three hooks from which the maps could be hung. The door is connected to the cupboard via a hook which slots into a small ring; the hook is on one side, which can also be folded back so that the cupboard can be opened up as far as possible. It also has hooks to fasten it to the wall. The top can also be used as a ledge to put things on. The maps were hung up inside the cupboard, which was organized according to a system of canes which could be pulled out and pushed in again on hinges, so as to be able to display the maps for all to see; on each side of each crosspiece there are screws from which the maps could be hung. There are other screws on the inside of the door which served the same purpose.

This original, unique cupboard was designed by Celso Currás, a school teacher himself, as a place to keep the maps he needed for his teaching work.

152x32x154 cms. 
Cultural context:
Circa 1950 
Celso Currás, teacher at the school in Trabada (Lugo)