Tin ship

Tin ship

Toy ship with a red waterline. The submerged part of the vessel is red and the part above the waterline is white; it has seven portholes on the port side and seven on the starboard side. The name of the boat "Sissi" and the number "83” appear on the stern. The name "Sissi" is also on the prow. On the deck there are various parts of the boat painted in bright colours (anchor rope, ladder, life-buoy, doors...). There are five windows on the bridge and oil lamps on the sides. It has a large funnel with a picture of a fish. The bottom of the ship is painted red and has two small wheels which go round and two others for moving backwards and forwards, together with a space for the batteries.

Used as a child’s toy. Factory production.

19x37x10 cms. 
Tin. Plastic. Metal 
Cultural context:
2nd half. 20th century 
Juguetes EGE