Galician Wine Museum

The museum


The museum facilities are accessible for individuals with reduced mobility who are accompanied. Guide dogs are allowed.


Guided Tours

Individuals: from 11.00 and at 17.30 h
For families: at weekends, at 12.00 and at 18.00 h
For groups: available with advanced booking for a minimum of 10 people

Book at
Tel: (+34) 988 783 075

Rules of access 

  • Photographs can be taken for personal use, without a flash and without a tripod or selfie stick. Photographs for professional use must be duly authorised.
  • The museum can be accessed with prams.
  • Pets are not allowed into the museum. Guide dogs for the blind are allowed to enter.
  • No food or drink may be consumed in indoor spaces, The museum has an outdoor rest area.
  • Access to rooms is not allowed with large packages (> 35x35 cm), umbrellas or other pointed objects. We have lockers available in which objects of this type can be left.
  • Do not touch the objects on display in the museum, respect all fixtures and fittings, and refrain from leaning on cabinets and handrails.
  • If you come with children, ensure that they stay close to you and explain to them the importance of not touching the objects. Do not allow them to run through the rooms.
  • In line with current legislation, smoking is not permitted inside the museum.