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Visitable collection of the Castro of As Travesas

Visitable collection of the Castro of As Travesas

The museum

The Visitable Collection of the Castro of As Travesas is housed in Carral City Council's Cultural Centre. The Castros of As Travesas and Tabeaio can also be visited.

The Castro of As Travesas collection provides the material support needed to evaluate an archaeological enclave considered one of the most distinctive manifestations of pre- and proto-historic archaeology in the north-western arc of the Iberian Peninsula.

The collection focuses on disseminating the history of the settlement and its surroundings, bringing us closer to the society that inhabited the archaeological site, through original objects from the archaeological digs conducted at the site in recent years.

The Castro of As Travesas is a large, well-preserved fortified settlement, covering a total of 6 hectares. It consists of a main enclosure, or croa, surrounded by other enclosures. Each of these spaces is configured by a wall and pit system.

The Castro of Tabeaio, a typical fortified settlement in the Betanzos area, forms part of Carral Town Council's public spaces. It is a medium-sized walled enclosure, and is located on a plain, hence not defensively minded, associated to an important historical route: the English or Lighthouse Way. Almost the entire wall around the croa is still preserved, and in some sectors a parapet can still be seen.

The Visitable Collection offers guided visits to the Exhibition Hall (with the materials from the dig at the castro of As Travesas) and the castros at Travesas and Tabeaio (archaeological sites that can be visited). The sites can be visited all together, or each one separately. The guided tours are designed for the general public and for school visits, and will be supplemented with new content that the scientific team is working on.

Guided tours can be requested by calling (+34) 981 672 580. The free visit is without a guide and entrance to all the facilities is free.

Casa da Cultura, rúa de Paleo, 17
15175, Carral

Tlf. 981672580


Winter: of Monday to Friday of 9:00 to 14:00 and of 17:00 to 20:00.
Summer: of Monday to Friday of 9:00 to 14:00
Festive and periods vacacionales alone pupils by the mornings.


Price Admission is free.