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Palloza Casa do Sesto

The palloza 'Casa do Sesto' dates back at least from 1770. It was the main house of the current owner until 1970. Since 1989 is opened for the general public - in 2007 was awarded with the autonomous administration recognition as etnographic collection available for visits. The main goal of the palloza is to broadcast the traditional way of life and culture of this high-lying mountain area, maintaining the primitive structure of these contractions and saving in the interior the tools and instruments related to the original uses.

The pallozas were ancient stone houses with a conical roof composed of stalks of rye. The houses were inhabited by both people and the cattle and were designed to meet the needs of the inhabitants. On one side, the palloza is one space organised for multiple uses (where everything is close together but organised) In the other side, the capacity of the palloza to retain the heat is due to the cover of one and a half metres of waterproof stalk, which maintains a constant temperature.

Therefore, the palloza Casa do Sesto is definitely an image of these features: the stone wall structure and the roof composed of stalks of rye are distributed in one part of the cattle and one part for people. The four rooms are the bedrooms, the hearth, the oven and the stable for both big and small cattle.

The tools and furniture preserved inside are used by the family whilst they lived there - they are not just a collection, but truly necessary items of the survival of a family in self-sufficient way.

Piornedo dos Ancares
27667 , Cervantes

Tlf. 630 411 518 / 626 738 855 / 622 140 241


Xullo, agosto, sábados, domingos e festivos: aberto de 10:30 a 14:00h e de 16:30 a 19:30h
Para visitas fóra de horario ou de grupos contactar por teléfono ou preguntar na Cantina Mustallar


General admission: €2
6 to 12s: 1 €
Under 6s free (accompanied)
Guided tours for groups by appointment