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Museum of Galician Contemporary Art 'Carlos Maside'

Museum of Galician Contemporary Art 'Carlos Maside'

The museum

The Museum of Galician Contemporary Art 'Carlos Maside was created in 1970 as a response to the need for the collecting the work and documents from the 30s generation artists. Later on, their goals were beyond that and tried to be a witness of Galician contemporary art. The museum is located in an architectural complex, which also holds the Cerámicas O Castro factory, devoted to ceramics showing. The complex also houses a library and a hall for temporary exhibitions. The museum is situated in the most characteristic building, with hexagonal modules distributed around a central module.

The exhibition goes on through the three floor of the building. On display the visitor will behold works by Castelao, origin of the Movemento Renovador ('Renovator Movement'), and works by other artists like Maruja Mallo, Francisco Lloréns, Xesús Corredoira, Francisco Asorey, and Arturo Souto etc.; and from the Renovadores (Renovators), with works by Laxeiro, Colmeiro, Maside or Luís Seoane. Along with all these, the museum also shows works by unique figures such as Eugenio Granell and Urbano Lugrís. In this very same floor, the visitor will enjoy avant-garde artists’ works, including the Atlántica group pieces. Lastly, the upper floor houses the cartoons collection.


Monday and Thursday from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.