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Municipal Museum of Ponteareas

Municipal Museum of Ponteareas

The museum

Municipal Museum of Ponteareas is located in an ancient leathery factory. The exhibition, is organised chronologically in big sections:

Ponteareas and the region from the Palaeolithic period to Romanisation, In this part, the remains of the archaeological site of the Castro de Troña (from the Gallaecian-Roman culture) are on display. In this area it is also noteworthy the petroglyph of Chan de Gándara and some Roman bronzes from the Coto de Altamira - Taboexa (As Neves) with the figure of an ancient attorney.

From the Middle Ages, the museum shows a very well preserve large baptismal font, from the Romanesque period.

The section of contemporary history is mainly devoted to important personalities born in Ponteareas, including people from the political, social and cultural sphere. Regarding the political sphere, the museum is dedicated to Amado Garra Castellanzuelo, Gabino Bugallal and Isidoro Bugallal Araujo. In the field of arts and literature, it is worth mentioning Manuel Domínguez Benavides, Fermín Bouza Brey, Alfredo Pedro Guisado; musicians like Reveriano Soutullo, artists such as Vidalés Tomé, Antono Medal, Rogelio Lorenzo, Afonso Quinteiro...

The museum also has a special place for the most important festivity of Ponteareas: the Corpus Christi and their floral carpets, o the signs of collectivism in the town.

Since 1998 the museum hosts the Centro de Recuperación de Cultura Popular (Recovery Centre of Popular Culture), which main objective is to recover the collective memory through the traditional cultural heritage. This Centre is located in the Sobroso Castle (seven kilometres from Ponteareas), and displays a permanent exhibition with traditional clothing and trades and a recreation of the contexts of a traditional rural house. The Centre hosts a workshop for handcrafted textile and a craft shop from the region of Condado. The Centre also organises courses, workshops, etc. on subjects related to Galician traditional culture.

Rúa da Perillana, 9-11
36860 , Ponteareas

Tlf. 986 660 765


Monday to Friday: from 9 am to 9 pm
Saturday: from 10:30 am to 13:30 pm