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MUNCYT (National Museum of Science and Technology)

MUNCYT (National Museum of Science and Technology)

The museum

The MUNCYT is present in several cities. The4th of May 2012, the Prince and Princess of Asturias opened the headquarters in A Coruña - at the Prisma de Cristal building. The building was designed by Victoria Acivro and Anxo Alonso. Outside, the construction is a glass cube; inside the surprise comes when the visitor realizes the two-in-one building. A large concrete tree houses the museum services (offices, library, events halls, catering hall, and workshops). The space in between the giant tree and the glass cube hosts the exhibition halls, in different heights and configurations. The unique feature consists in being able to behold every hall from different perspectives.

The museum present different exhibition spaces fitting large pieces, such as the front part of the Boeing 747 landing gear that brought the Guernica to Spain and donated from Iberia. Another large element is the assembly of the first particle accelerator designed and made by the Nuclear Energy Board in 1957.

The goals of the museum are contributing to the promotion of science and improving the scientific education of everybody, as well as preserving and valuing the historical patrimony of science and technology. To achieve this, the museum organises exhibitions, conferences, ludic-scientific activities, educational workshops...

The MUNCYT houses over 15,000 objects, including scientific instruments, technological gadgets, vehicle of transport, machine tools and industrial tools. All the pieces ranging from 16th century to the present. The majority of the pieces come from schools and high schools, universities and scientific institutions, individual collection and donations.

The departments at the MUNCYT collection are: farming and fishery; daily applications; biology and geology; communications; physics industry; computers and their applications; mathematics, astronomy and navigation; chemistry and transports.

Praza do Museo Nacional, 1
15011, A Coruña

Tlf. 689 578 727


Luns pechado. Martes a venres: 10:00-17:00
Sábados: 11:00-19:00. Domingos e festivos: 11:00-15:00
Luns pechado. Martes a sábado: 11:00-19:00
Domingos e festivos: 11:00-15:00
Pechado 1 e 6 de xaneiro; martes de entroido; 1 de maio; 24 de xuño; 24, 25 e 31 de decembro; todos os luns (incluso os festivos)