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House Museum Camilo José Cela Foundation

House Museum Camilo José Cela Foundation

The museum

Camilo José Cela Trulock was born on May 11, 1916 in Iria Flavia. His father was Galician and his mother had English and Italian ancestry. Cela spent his childhood in Galicia, and move to Madrid in 1925. After several forays into poetry, his literary career comes to life in 1942 with the publication of The Family of Pascual Duarte, a novel with a certain raw touch. Cela's work ended up being a wide of all literary genres, adding up to 120 books, including renowned titles like The Hive, Mazurca para dos muertos, Journey to the Alcarria, Del Miño al Bidasoa or La rosa, among others. After all, Cela was awarded with the most important literary prizes: Spanish National Novel Prize (1984), Prince of Asturias Award in Literature (1987), Nobel Prize in Literature (1989) and the Cervantes Prize (1995). Cela died in Madrid the 17th of January 2002.

The Foundation. The Public Galician Foundation Camilo José Cela is based in Iria Flavia, in front of collegiate church of Santa María de Adina, in the so called Casas dos Cóengos, because it was where the canons lived during the 18th century. In 1990 the famous writer made a donation for the foundation. Later on, the foundation was named after him as a tribute to his literary and artistic heritage, which they preserve and spread as their main duty.

Collection. The main pillar of this heterogeneous showing is the collection of this very own manuscripts. Apart from these, the visitor can behold a rich and wide letters collection, a library with various editions of his books, study works of Cela literature, his own personal library, a newspaper library with references to the writer from 1942 and the complete collection of his literary magazine Papeles de Son Armadans. All these literature wonders are topped off with an art gallery with paintings of Picasso or Miró, and other collections analysing the links of Cela with his personal and cultural reality.

Santa María, 22. Iria Flavia
15917 , Padrón

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From Monday to Friday, from 10 am to 2 pm (last entry: 1:30 pm)
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Free admission
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*During the COVID pandemic