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Clocks Collection

The Clocks Collection is located in the Palacio Municipal da Coruña, designed by the local architect Pedro Mariño in 1904. The first floor of the building is known as the Planta Nobre (Noble Floor), the City Hall, the Plenary Hall and the municipal collections. The collections are composed of three series: the art gallery, the pre-philatelic brand collection and the clocks collection

The Clocks Collection proceeds from a donation made for the City Council of A Coruña by the art collector Antonio Ríos Mosquera. The exhibition includes 82 pieces, from England, Germany, Holland, France and Spain. The collection continued growing up and the nowadays covers clocks of various types: table clocks, longcase clocks and shortcase clocks, from 18th century to 20th Some noteworthy pieces are the clocks belonging to Xavier Méndez de Saavedra, parish priest of Ladrido, or to renowned watchmaker Julien Royal, watchmaker of Louis XV.

Casa do Concello. Praza de María Pita, 1
15001 , A Coruña

Tlf. 981 184 226 / 981 184 200 Extension: 10170 and 10086 (groups)


Monday to Friday from 5 pm to 7 pm, by arrangement
Temporarily closed