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CENTRAD Musical Instruments Collection

CENTRAD Musical Instruments Collection

The museum

The collection includes funds proceeding from the former music section of the Provincial Museum, from the numerous donations and deposits made by individuals, as well as from an important collection of own produced instruments. These were made in the annexe Obradoiro de instrumentos musicais (Musical instruments' workshop), as result of various research projects. The collection is also composed of important documentary and bibliographic funds, gathered through the years.

The typology of the funds covers from musical and mechanical instruments, sound objects and toys, traditional clothes and replicas of musical iconography, both from Galician musical patrimony and from other cultural origins. It is also significant the European most comprehensive collection of replicas of medieval string instruments, from 12th and 13th centuries.

The tours include the four permanent exhibition halls and also access the historical and modern workshop of musical instruments, created in 1952. Since then, the workshop has been integrated in the facilities and the visitor can enjoy the work carried out by the artisans, who keep alive the trade and offer their experience to future craftspeople. The Pórtico da Gloria hall shows the replicas of the instruments represented in the Cathedral of Santiago, along with an important collection of hurdy-gurdies. The Xelmírez hall shows the replicas of the instruments represented in the corbels of the refectory of the Pazo de Xelmírez, adjoining the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela, as well as sound toys and a remarkable collection of Jew's harp, among other.

Finally, the Faustino Santalices and Paulino Pérez hall, as a tribute to the workshop funders', hosts the instruments linked to Galician folk music and a section dedicated to mechanical and string instruments from different parts of the world. The CENTRAD also includes specialised library and archive, with documentary funds, freely available for everybody and a lending service.


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