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History of Valga Museum

History of Valga Museum

The museum

The History of Valga Museum aims to divulge the natural heritage and history of Valga municipality, as well as the figure of its most illustrious neighbor, Agustina Carolina Otero Iglesias, better known as "La Bella Otero". History, art, geography and ethnography make of this museum a visit of great cultural interest.

The main building, recently built, has four exhibition areas. On the ground floor there is a presentation focused on the territory and the natural environment of Valga municipality. On the first floor we find a journey through the history of Valga from its first settlers to the contemporary world. The intermediate level is dedicated to the life and work of the ​​historian Xesús Ferro Couselo. The space of the last floor, revolves around the appealing figure of the "Bella Otero".

In the annexes there is another exhibition building, in this case it is a recovery of traditional Galician house of the late nineteenth century. This house, linked to the childhood of the Bella Otero and with a careful ethnographic recreation, reflects not only the Galician culture and traditions but also shows us how the first years of the artist who crowned the Belle Epoque were.

Rúa Baixa, 5
36645, Valga

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