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Granell Museum

The Eugenio Granell Foundation museum is located in the Pazo de Bendaña, one of the most emblematic buildings of Santiago - and an example of civil architecture from the mid-18th century. The building designed by Vivente Sarela is located in Praza do Toural and represent the Baroque architecture of Santiago. The façade displays the coat of arms of Bendaña marquisate. The figure of Atlas holding the canopy of heaven crowns the building.

Artist Eugenio Fernández Granell was born in Coruña in1912. He studied in Santiago de Compostela and Madrid. After the Spanish Civil War, Granell took exile firstly in South America and later on in the United States of America. The artist returned to Spain in 1985.

Granell is a significant representative of Surrealism, which was introduced to thanks to André Breton. His artistic production ranges from painting, sculpture, drawing to poetry and essays and much more...

The Foundation's goals are studying and analysing the work of Granell in particular and Surrealism in general, along with similar artistic trends. The museum funds are composed of a variety of collections, three of them ceded by the own Granell. First of all, a wide range of works by Eugenio Granell, gathering all his artistic production, which includes oil painting, constructions, ready-mades, collages, drawings, watercolours, gouaches, tempera and etchings. Another collection is composed by other artists linked to surrealism, including Marcel Duchamp, Max Ernst, Joan Miró, Roberto Matta and also current artists like Cruzeiro Seixas, Julián Calero Gómez, and Karl-Otto Glotz etc. Lastly, the ethnic art collection composed by masks, toys and other pieces coming from different places like Africa, Puerto Rico, Philippines, etc. This collection was born as a consequence of Granell's interest in anthropology.

On the other side, the museum also houses part of the legacy Philip West, English surrealist artist. This bit of the centre displays 200 works, including drawings oil paintings, etchings, etc...

The first floor hosts the temporary exhibitions, whilst the second floor the work of Granell. The Foundation programmes activities such as plays, concerts, poetry recitals, conferences, etc. The aim of the centre is to be a space for cultural creation and promotion, hence their library specialised in Surrealism and Granell's personal library and archive - available for researchers.

Pazo de Bendaña. Praza do Toral, s/n
15705 , Santiago de Compostela

Tlf. 981576394 / 981572124
Fax 981564069


Tuesday to Saturday from 11 am to 2 pm and from 4 pm to 8 pm.
Mondays, Sundays and holidays closed.


General admission: €2
Concession: €1