Do 19 de xuño ao 6 de setembro do 2020 Wonder Women. Women artists in the CGAC Collection

Centro Galego de Arte Contemporánea (CGAC)

The title "Wonder Women" alludes to a work by the North American artist Dara Birnbaum represented in the collection. In turn, said work is inspired by a superhero originally conceived for comics, who, in the seventies, starred in a highly successful TV series.

When Dara Birnbaum took an in-depth critical review of the character and appropriated her as a pop icon, Wonder Woman had already become a symbol of feminism: the idea of an ordinary woman transforming into a warrior, into an advocate for justice and equality, succeeding thanks to her efforts and skills, is an image that, when applied to everyday life, has spanned and characterised the 20th century.  

Collections, for a modern art museum, are essential tools, instruments constantly growing and, as such, in recent decades they have become the focal point of a debate on the need to establish more inclusive and, above all, plural narratives. This debate has focused on discussing and reviewing standards and, in particular, on reinstating readings and representations that highlight the role of women in history.

All the works in this exhibition show the profound changes brought about in recent decades. Voices of women artists who not only talk of feminism or gender-related issues, but also address aesthetic or constructive concerns. Painting, sculpture, sound art, ready-made or found objects, video or installations tend to emphasise the visual conditions of the works, in a dialogue both amongst themselves and with the space (hall, auditorium and other places in between that were not originally conceived by the architect Álvaro Siza Vieira as exhibition spaces). The exhibition gravitates towards installation, with pieces of varying heights that seek, first and foremost, to capture the eye of the spectator. As an exhibition, it is the starting point for a group effort whose goal is to research the collection and its possibilities with the aim of a future reasoned, watershed exhibition in mind.  

Participating artists

Dara Birnbaum  

Esther Ferrer

Fernanda Fragateiro

Isabel Garay

Dora García

Katharina Grosse

Menchu Lamas

Jac Leirner

Luz Lizarazo

Eva Lootz

Alicia Martín

Susan Philipsz



  • "Dibujo, nudo, lágrima", de Luz Lizarazo

  • "Rotación", de Menchu Lamas

  • "Permutaciones", de Esther Ferrer

  • "Biblioteca IX", de Alicia Martín