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Tui Diocesan Museum

It is situated in the old building of Hospital of Poor and Pilgrims from 1756. The building has three floors, a chapel and an inner courtyard. The permanent collection includes an archaeology section displaying pieces of great historic value - such as a Roman sarcophagus, a Celtic helmet from 3rd to 2nd centuries BC found in Caldelas de Tui, along with a large number of archaeological pieces from nearby excavations.

The sacred art section displays artworks from the churches under the Diocese Tui-Vigo, including an exceptional Romanesque sculpture of Christ dating from the 12th century and the Eucharistic chest of Maundy Thursday Monument made of silver in the 17th century found in O Porriño.

The final part is the painting and sculpture section, where the visitor can find interesting pieces, including the Virgin with Child from the 16th century by Juan de Juni or the Virgin of the Expectation from 1602 by Alonso Martínez de Montánchez. The paintings inspired by the Immaculate of Murillo and the bishops portraits from 19th and 20th century are exceptional. The 'sanbenitos' are 17th century large fabric pieces displaying the penances by imposed the Holy Inquisition to the reconciled heretics. These are unique pieces

Praza do Concello, s/n
36700 , Tui

Tlf. 986600511


June 1st to September 15th:
Thursdays to Sundays from 10.00 am to 1.30 pm and from 4 pm to 8 pm.
Mondays closed


General admission: €0.50