Mondoñedo Diocesan and Cathedral Museum

The museum

The Diocesan and Cathedral Museum of Mondoñedo was created at the beginning of 1968. Later on, the museum was expanded to end up occupying a large amount of spaces in the cathedral.

The museum houses a selection of 15th century English alabasters from London and Nottingham workshops, as well as a Magdalene altarpiece 15th century, with a 15th century image. The museum also shows large 16th century Flemish panels and important pieces made of silver and ivory: sticks, trays, goblets, monstrances, processional cross and candle holders.

In the upper floor, the visitor will stroll by two big gothic halls with altarpieces, canvas, and a collection of over 300 sculptures, great choral books and a collection of liturgical clothing of great historical and artistic value.