House Museum Valle Inclán

The museum

The museum is located in Torre de Bermúdez (16th century) which was declared National Historic-Artistic Monument in 1976. The building is connected to Valle-Inclán family, given that it was owned by his grandparents. In 1986, the town hall created the museum with the aim of preserving and spreading testimonies of the writer's work and life.

Ramón María do Valle-Inclán (1866 - 1936) is one of the most representative Galician writers in Spanish language. The work of Valle-Inclán is defined by its innovative vocation, social bitterness, the eternal memory of Galician countryside and the genuine 'esperpento' style. In the museum, the visitor will learn about the life and artistic production of the author, as well as about the time and people with whom he shared inquisitiveness and profession.

The museum houses the first and rare editions of the writer, original hand scripts, old pictures, fine arts objects (sculptures, paintings, and caricatures), and clothing, staging and theatre posters. The museum also hosts temporary exhibitions and has an auditorium for cultural activities throughout the year.