Museum of the Sciences

The museum

The Museum of the Sciences is located in a small palace in Santa Margarita Park. The building shows an octagonal floor plant and various halls dedicated to interactive exhibitions, while the dome hosts the planetarium. This interactive sciences centre (Spanish first state-owned science centre) moves science closer to the people through a variety of modules, reacting to the action of the visitor satisfying their curiosity and encouraging question posting and solving. 

The flagship of this museum is its digital planetarium, where the visitor can learn how to recognise stars, constellations, planets and other objects beheld by the human eye. The programmes address all sorts of question about astronomy, along with special session for children. 

This centre drags attention to up-to-date with science matters, as witnessed by an exhibition of interactive modules that goes over six theme areas: climate change, search for energy, technology changing our society, health comes first, the nature challenges and the endless drive of science.